Largest-ever Arab literacy initiative

Launched by Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to encourage students to read, ARC challenges students to read as many books as possible (over 50) in one academic year.

How It Works

Students register for the Arab Reading Challenge through their schools and supervisors.

Participants receive their first booklet, a ‘Red Passport’, and summarize the books they have read on one visa page per summary. This process is repeated for 10 books and all books are summarized on 10 visa pages. The book title, author, number of pages and its publishers should be detailed on each page.

Participants then move on to the ‘Green Passport’ and repeat the same process as above. At this stage, participants will have already read 20 books and summarized them all on 20 visa pages in two coloured passports.

Next, participants complete their ‘Blue Passport’ by following the same process. At this stage, the students will have read 30 books and summarized them all on 30 visa pages in three coloured passports.

At this stage, the participants complete a ‘Silver passport’; the students will have read 40 books and summarized them all on 40 visa pages in four coloured passports.

For the final stage, participants receive a ‘Golden passport’; students will have read 50 books and summarized them all on 50 visas pages in a total of five coloured passports.

AED Excellent school award
AED The champions award
AED Distinguished supervisor award
AED Community champions award
15 Aug 2020

Committees to use video conferencing technology

27 Apr 2020

Arab Reading Challenge holds interactive sessions on Instagram